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Specially formulated problems solvers

Stress, pollution and hormonal changes can cause various skin issues, such as redness, pimples, ingrown hairs and dryness. Ingrown hairs tend to clog pores which can cause pimple prone skin. Shaving on top of an ingrown hair or pimple can further exacerbate the problem. Your first defence is keeping the skin clean, well hydrated and treating problem specific areas quickly. Dry skin on the other hand can cause redness, irritation, itchiness and is prone to ageing faster with fine lines and wrinkles. Our exfoliating face scrub and mask; Detoxify and Polish will help release oil from blocked pores, reduce ingrown hairs and blackheads. Cellular Renew is a deeply hydrating moisturiser for mens skin which contains several Antioxidants and Collagen enhancing agents such as Chitin, Betaglucan and Hyaluronic Acid. Clarifying Healing Cream has been specifically formulated to treat pimple spots, blemishes and skin redness by focusing on just the specific problem area fast.