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Customer’s Reviews

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4.5 / 5 (50)
  • By: Keith

    Just love Detoxify exfloliating Mask. Since I have started using it, blemishes on my face have reduced dramatically.

  • By: Joshua

    Best Value ever! Detoxify is actually 2 products in one, a mask and an exfoliator. Been using it twice a week for about 2 weeks and already others have noticed that I look great !

  • By: Ravi

    Worked straight away for me. My skin instantly looked brighter, cleaner and grease free!

  • By: Santino

    It really helps, I am prone to oily skin and pimples and since I have started using this, the pimples have reduced

  • By: Michael

    The stuff is great, the only gripe I have is wish the jar was bigger.

  • By: Imtiaz

    Great customer service and prompt delivery

  • By: Peter M

    I will definitely be buying again. I purchased Detoxify Mask and Scrub couple of weeks ago as I have acne prone skin and a patchy complexion. After one use I really noticed a difference in my skin. Skin was more even and cleaner. This stuff is great!

  • By: Nikolay

    Amazing product, it has made a significant difference in my skin smoothness within a week.

  • By: Romy

    My friend recommended Osmium Detoxify and I couldn’t believe how good this is! My pimples disappeared within a few days and skin has started glowing and looks fairer. I wish I had used this earlier.

  • By: Fraser D

    Very rarely I leave comments; but this stuff is amazing. After using for just 3 weeks my blackheads and large pores on nose disappeared and my skin is much smoother and clean. I am committed to buy this again.

  • By: Cameron

    My skin is very oily and every now and then, I develop acne and it made me very stressed. I tried many products but of no avail and finally this Detoxify Polish is amazing. It smells very organic and easy to apply and dries fast – and gets easily removed with warm water. I felt great and skin became very smooth after couple of applications. I would strongly recommend this product.

  • By: Makarov

    I have spent years trying out different facemasks - clay, peel off, homemade, etc but nothing worked. But after the first use of this Detoxify polish, I instantly saw a difference to my pores and felt a great relief and skin became smoother. The price is ‘about right’ for the quality received. You don’t need to use a lot of the product on your face, so the pot should last a while, which is a bonus. If you’re thinking of buying it, do it, you will be pleased!

  • By: Imad Hussain

    I am loving this product since I bought. It’s easy to apply, gives a tingling feeling – very easy to remove. Skin feels very fresh and smells great. There is visible improvement in my skin and it is much smoother, drier and evened out.

  • By: Mike C

    Amazing!!! I love this mask and difference it has made to skin within days. It is easily to apply with fingers, dries quickly and washes off very easily. My skin is now really soft and clear after using it, my blackheads goes down and it is "glowing". Luckily the pot lasted longer than expected and I have just bought the second pot now. The delivery is prompt and supplier is very prompt in providing clarification if any!

  • By: Craig (Ireland)

    Trust me this is no Hype – just within few applications, I felt the difference. My skin feels smoother. Don’t take my word but try – and you’ll be pleased as I am!

  • By: Alex – Liverpool

    I love the mask and it has indeed made a significant improvement in my skin. Only point – I wish the pot was bit larger.

  • By: Enrico Montelena – Italy

    I am in mid 30s and for years my skin has been very oily which has invariably resulted in pimples. I heard about Osmium Detoxify mask but wasn’t sure – but finally when I bought and applied, it made significant difference within week. Easy to apply, dries fast and on washing, you see a difference. Within weeks, my skin has turned normal and very smooth. I will strongly recommend.

  • By: Alex B

    Mask quality is very good - all my blackheads and pores have disappeared. It’s worth every penny and I just ordered another one.

  • By: Hendrick – Germany

    For over seven years I have tried many masks, and none was effective but Osmium Detoxify is clearly a different product. Within weeks, I felt my skin pores have disappeared and turned very smooth and clearer. Highly recommended!

  • By: Marek

    Honest opinion – it’s really good a mask!

  • By: Alessandro – Milan

    Easy to apply and easy to wash – and it is very effective and made my skin smoother and clean.

  • By: Sunny M

    This product came as a surprise. It’s amazing and made my skin clearer and smooth within weeks. I have just ordered my second jar.

  • By: Syd – Sports Instructor

    I am not a great fan of writing reviews, but this mask has taken my attention. It’s good and worth every penny & highly recommended.

  • By: Ciao – Alberto

    My skin has been very oily with blackhead on nose and neck. I have tried few other masks but Osmium Detoxify is different. Easy to apply and dries fast – washes effortlessly. Within 3 weeks, my blackhead disappeared, and skin is now much smoother and clean. Will buy again!

  • By: Jacob

    I love this product – very pleasant smell. My skin was looking tired, oily and dull; and although so far I have used this only 4 times, my skin has started to look much brighter, not so oily and reduced my pores. I have already ordered 2nd jar.

  • By: Peter M

    I have used the mask only few times so far – and my pores have started to become smaller which makes me feel good and I would recommend this mask 100%.

  • By: Michael – Nottingham

    Very pleased with the mask. I feel my skin is much smoother and clean.

  • By: Gerard

    Initially I was reluctant to try this mask but then I saw clear difference in my colleague skin - all pores gone. I also bought and felt significant change in blackheads and pores on my nose and neck - close to disappearing. I am very pleased and would strongly recommend.

  • By: Dominic

    Have used this mask a few times now and I absolutely love it. It dries quickly and leaves my face so soft. Instead of having to use 4-5 masks in one week to cover detox, brightening, blemish, glow & purity I just have to use 1 mask and get the benefit of all in one to use a few times a week. Strongly recommended!

  • By: Álvaro – Kent

    Love this product as my skin is looking so much better since using this. It doesn't cause any issues with my sensitive skin either and it leaves smooth.

  • By: Cameron

    I thought the price is bit high to start with, but it feels a lot more luxurious than others I have used. I feel my skin is better and radiant when I washed it off! Since only a thin layer needs to be applied, I hope it lasts a long time!

  • By: Charles – Edinburgh

    It does exactly what is says on the jar, my skin feels amazing afterwards. I would recommend this any day!

  • By: Romy

    My skin is oily. It’s indeed is not a big quantity but if you want quality you should try this mask. I have enlarged pores and oily skin. I could see the results within few days of use. My skin is brighter, cleaner and revigorated.

  • By: Andy

    Very pleased with the quality. The mask made my skin feeling super clean and soft and looking bright. I recommend without hesitation and will buy again.

  • By: Dominic

    I read about this mask but didn’t believe to start with and then finally I bought and applied for a week. Couldn’t believe how good the quality is and I noticed an instant difference in my skin. I use it now three times a week. Love it absolutely love it.

  • By: Robin Laar – Norway

    I have very sensitive skin and tried few products which did not suit my skin, but this is the best face mask I’ve ever tried! My face is less red, and pores are non-existent, and my dry blackheads disappear - highly recommend!

  • By: Danny C

    Couldn’t believe how good this Detoxifying mask is! – a very thin layer 3 -4 times a week made my skin clearer and smooth – and blackheads disappeared. Initially I thought the price is bit dearer but it is worth any day. Highly recommended.

  • By: Abdul Razzak

    Love this this mask. I had been suffering with problem skin problems for years and used to scratch a lot but since having used this mask, my skin started improving and within weeks, there is a clear improvement. It’s much smoother and clearer like a baby skin. Very happy and worth every penny.

  • By: Tom

    I am happy with the mask quality and though it has significantly improved my skin, but I think it is bit pricey.

  • By: Tim Soong

    My skin feels amazing after using this. Dries off in a matter of minutes. Wash off and you have silky skin. Just bought 2nd jar – it is worth any day!

  • By: Gordon – Belfast

    Just loving it, smells great and leaves skin smooth and clears within few days of use. Would I buy again – absolutely YES.

  • By: Chew Voong

    It does exactly what it says on the product. It replenishes the skin within weeks and now my skin is clear, and pores have disappeared. Love it.

  • By: Duncan

    Over the past few years, I have tried few masks, and nothing had worked – and my friend recommended Osmium Detoxify Mash and I can’t believe – what difference it has made to my skin. I can’t stop thanking my friend – Nolan, for his suggest. Just purchased 2nd jar.

  • By: Steve

    This was a birthday gift from my daughter and I can’t stop thanking her. She knew I was suffering from acne and oily skin but within few days, my skin turned smooth and silky – and my acnes have stopped.

  • By: Tom

    Love this mask, made my skin clear and smooth within few days. Will buy again!

  • By: Charan

    Impressed! I felt the difference in days; skin is smoother and brighter. Highly recommended.

  • By: Naga

    LOVE IT. Seems bit expensive but this little jar last months. Only a thin layer is needed to make a difference. My skin redness and pores have gone within few days. It smells good and leave the skin smooth and cleaner.

  • By: Chow

    Amazing - my skin is much smoother and cleaner within 2 weeks. I feel good and relaxed, will buy again.