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Sensitive Skin

Soothing and Calm

The skin can react to the physical and emotional stresses of life, such as allergens, pollution, seasonal changes or age. Some people have skin that can be quite sensitive and react more easily  to these stresses and become irritated, blemished, red and itchy. Natural ingredients can help calm and support the skin as they deliver valuable plant extracts and oils to help calm and soothe. All our products have proven to work well with people with sensitive skin as we minimise the use of synthetic and harsh agents, whilst maximising the concentration of plant extracts, essential oils and soothing vitamins.

Sensitive Skin
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Clean Refresh Cleanser


Ex Tax: £11.67

Clean and Refresh Cleanser is a creamy luxurious cleanser that leaves the skin feeling invigorated, looking clearer, unclogged and healthier. Ginger awakens the senses by promoting circulation and Tur..

Multivitamin Aqua Gel


Ex Tax: £22.50

A stunning marine based, translucent light aqua gel, packed with antioxidants and nourishing plant extracts. It offers 24hr face protection and is the ultimate oil-free, super light moisturising formu..

Peak Performance Moisturiser


Ex Tax: £18.33

An all day hydrating and recharging moisturiser that promotes the optimum functional balance and appearance of the skin. Vitamin C and E rejuvenate and energise the skin, helping to make it stronger a..

Showing 1 to 3 of 3 (1 Pages)