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Dry Skin

Treat Dry Skin

Utilizing only the finest plant based ingredients derived from the latest scientific research, the Osmium® Face Collection is the forerunner in facial products for men.With ingredients such as Siberian Ginseng, Turmeric, Ginger and Marshmallow extract,our unique, innovative and cutting edge men’s skin care products deliver exceptional quality. Its no wonder our customers keep coming back for more.Concentrated percentages of active ingredients, rich in plant actives, vitamins and minerals, and minimum use of chemical fillers, means each product is of a high level of purity, transferring goodness right to your skin.

Dry Skin
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Cellular Renew Cream


Ex Tax: £22.50

Cellular Renew Cream is a rich, silky, creamy formula that completely absorbs into the skin leaving no oily or greasy after feel. Sodium Hyaluronte delivers intensive hydration which immediately relie..

Clean Refresh Cleanser


Ex Tax: £11.67

Clean and Refresh Cleanser is a creamy luxurious cleanser that leaves the skin feeling invigorated, looking clearer, unclogged and healthier. Ginger awakens the senses by promoting circulation and Tur..

Detoxify and Polish


Ex Tax: £17.50

It is THE ultimate skin refiner. Formulated with the blend of two superior clays of Kaolin and Bentonite, walnut scrub particles and several plant extracts this excellent treatment truly offers the be..


Tinted Daily Moisturiser


Ex Tax: £26.67

It is a multifunctional, corrective treatment which instantly perfects the skin. Evens out skin tone, texture and assists in managing blemishes by refining and brightening the skin's surface. Hydra..

Showing 1 to 4 of 4 (1 Pages)