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Clean Up and Scrub Up

Keep your skin clean by removing dirt, impurities and excess oils that can block pores and cause skin blemishes. Our face cleanser and exfoliating face scrub and mask is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Free from harsh Lauryl Sulphates and Parabens, the formulas are designed to swiftly remove all traces of daily grime without drying out the skin. Our exfoliating face scrub and mask is a dual formula with gently dislodges dead skin cells and draws out deep impurities and oil blockages from within the skin to help reveal clean, soft and great looking skin. It also helps to prepare the skin for a closer and more comfortable shave. 

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Clean Refresh Cleanser


Ex Tax: £11.67

Clean and Refresh Cleanser is a creamy luxurious cleanser that leaves the skin feeling invigorated, looking clearer, unclogged and healthier. Ginger awakens the senses by promoting circulation and Tur..

Detoxify and Polish


Ex Tax: £17.50

It is THE ultimate skin refiner. Formulated with the blend of two superior clays of Kaolin and Bentonite, walnut scrub particles and several plant extracts this excellent treatment truly offers the be..

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